Adopt the Zen attitude and breathe one of the purest airs in France, nestled at an altitude of 1485 m in the hollow of the mountain and contemplate in front of you the «forêt d’exception®» of Boscodon at the foot of the Grand Morgon. Imagine continuing your meditation with a visit to the remarkable Boscodon Abbey (less than 20km away), a 12th century Romanesque building, classified as a historical monument in 1974, and one of the rare religious buildings of the Chalais order.

At night, far from the light of our cities and villages, continue your contemplation thanks to the exceptional purity of the atmosphere and observe the starry night. Constellations, shooting stars, with or without a professional to explain the mysteries of the universe, plunge into the immensity of the celestial vault which offers itself to you, with stars in your eyes...

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